Hello beautiful souls, I’m Alexia and I’m a Professional Intuitive and successful Spiritual Mindset and Wellbeing Coach, Mum to 3 kids and fur baby Mum to 3 cats!

It’s my mission to help everyone understand and be able to access the benefits of spiritual tools and techniques to improve every aspect of your life.

Contrary to popular opinion, I believe that every single one of us has natural spiritual abilities and that we are all capable of connecting with those powers and I have gone on to coach many exactly how to do this.

Having worked as a lawyer in the Corporate world for over 20 years, I stand out in the spiritual community as being different due to my down-to-earth, practical, jargon-free way of coaching and I am dedicated to making spiritual well-being a priority so that everyone has the opportunity to start living a spiritual lifestyle and create a life they love, full of abundance, on their own terms.

My guidance has helped hundreds of my clients to recognise their own inner strength and ability to heal their past, thrive in the present and create an incredible future.

I was aware of my psychic and intuitive abilities from a very young age but had no-one to help me understand them and develop them. I could see, feel and hear spirit and just “knew” things and I had a very strong awareness of energy and the energy of things around me. As a kid, this was often frightening but I believed that everyone was the same! It was only much later that I realised that my psychic senses were supercharged and I was able to start using these to help myself and help others.

If only I had been encouraged to explore and deepen my spiritual connection sooner…
life would have been so much easier.

Life can be an amazing journey when you know how to tap into the power of your own soul and hear its voice.

I discovered that I could use my intuitive power and psychic abilities to mould and enhance my life, to create my own “luck”, to attract abundance and happiness. And also to help others….to help by passing on insight and guidance, messages and hope, from Spirit, Guides, Angels and the Spiritual realm and also to empower others to tap into their own intuitive and psychic abilities to be able to do the same.

And that’s why I wanted to be the one to help you explore and deepen your spiritual connection, at your own pace, fully supported every step of the way. Not only learning the tools and techniques but also how to implement these easily into your daily lives in a life changing way. Because I didn’t have that when I needed it the most.

What else do you need to know about me?

Well, I am a professional intuitive, psychic, spiritual medium, healer and energy worker.

I am qualified in 4 different healing modalities.

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher,

Rahanni Celestial Healing practitioner, Crystal Therapy practitioner and Reiki Drum Practitioner.

I also work with Angels and the Angelic realm.

I am an Advanced Angel Guide, qualified in Advanced Angel Card mastery and am a graduate of the wonderful Kyle Grays Angel Team having studied 5 years of Angelology and Angelic connection with the best of the best! I am also one of Kyle Gray’s Certified Practitioners and have worked alongside him teaching others.

I have been lucky enough to study Advanced energy techniques

with the amazing Karen Kingston over 25 years ago and have been using and implementing these all of my adult life.

I am a lifelong student but also a Teacher of “A Course in Miracles”,

a beautiful channelled text which has shaped my life, experiences and outlook for the last 4 years in ways that have been truly miraculous.

And I’ve helped a large number of clients, from across the globe, get clear on their life’s purpose & direction, overcome phobias, deal with their trauma and grief, understand what’s holding them back, deal with their anxiety, manage stress and overwhelm, move into forgiveness, heal physically and emotionally, connect with their spiritual self and create the life they could at one time only dream about.

But most of all?
I want to empower each person with hope, love, compassion and happiness.

That’s my mission.