Confidently LIVE a LIFE you LOVE on your own terms.


A vibrant community of support for your Spiritual Wellbeing & Development.

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  • A place to discover and deepen your connection with your intuitive power and spiritual abilities.
  • A safe place to explore the deep questions of your soul….discover what’s holding you back, understand your life better and overcome the challenges that you face.
  • A place to open up, listen to your own true voice, and learn to love every part of you.
  • A space to learn, share, encourage, support and grow with like minded compassionate souls.

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As a member of The Soul Lounge™️ you will have everything you need to heal from the past, thrive in the present and create a life you love on YOUR terms.

Any of this sound like you?

  • You want to feel confident that every decision you take is the right one
  • You want to feel so good about yourself that fear of judgment is a thing of the past
  • You want to feel empowered to pursue your hopes & dreams without the self doubt holding you back
  • You want to feel healthy, strong and full of vitality
  • You want to wake up every morning feeling fulfilled
  • You want to create a life full of abundance – abundance of love, friends, money, peace, happiness.
  • You want to explore spirituality and learn how to bring spiritual techniques into your everyday life to create more flow and happiness.
Were you nodding away to any or all of these?
Wondering if it’s really all possible?

In The Soul Lounge™️ it’s ALL possible.

Whether you are a complete beginner, are already exploring spirituality or have been on your spiritual journey for a while, The Soul Lounge™️ community will be life-changing for you.

Our Purpose: To bridge the gap between spirituality and everyday life so that everyone can wake up every day thinking
I Got This”.

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Right now you’re lost in a sea of thousands of other spiritual communities and offerings, none of them focusing on the power of spiritual well-being in your everyday life – which is the key to your happiness.

What makes The Soul Lounge™️ unique also makes it powerful – because we take each spiritual concept, tool and technique and make it practical, easy to understand and accessible by everyone, anywhere, anytime.

But let’s take a step back for a moment….

The online world is exhausting…..and it gets even more exhausting when you keep hearing contradicting advice and giving your money to people who give you little in return.

So let me be the one to tell you…..

You don’t need another course or program!

You need a space you can call your “spiritual home”. Where you receive honest advice, loving support and practical guidance every step of the way.

A place like The Soul Lounge™️ that helps its members:

  • Explore & deepen their psychic powers
  • Heal their body, mind & soul
  • Overcome self doubt
  • Transform their mindset
  • Feel empowered to take inspired action
  • Understand themselves and their life’s purpose
  • Follow their dreams
  • Fall in love with themselves
  • Find love, peace and happiness.

Let me ask you this…..

What if every action you took and $ you spent could lead to you feeling happy, confident & fulfilled?

Imagine having access to all the trainings, tools, techniques, meditations, support, and guidance you need to make sure you are living a life that fully supports your well-being and happiness……AND access to Alexia and other like minded souls who truly care about you and your happiness.

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Does any of this ring a bell?

  • You want to learn more but you’re put off by all the spiritual jargon that you just don’t understand
  • You’ve tried spiritual groups before but there is too much ego and competitiveness
  • You keep seeing spiritual teachers offering workshops to help you do X, Y or Z but without actually giving you the tools and knowledge to do it yourself
  • You keep attending workshops, meditations, spiritual events, but feel at a loss how to do these things at home
  • You’ve joined other spiritual memberships but you’re one of many, faceless in a large, impersonal group.
  • You’ve read all the self help books and signed up to 100 courses but feel even more confused and still don’t have a clear path to follow.


ENTER: The Soul Lounge™️ – the only place where you will get super practical, jargon free, down to earth guidance and support clearly mapped out for your spiritual journey from beginner to advanced. From Foundational techniques, Developing your spirituality, to Advanced concepts.

Can you do it on your own?
Yes, it’s possible.
But you don’t have to and if you’ve ended up reading this far, you already know that you don’t want to risk it. It’s too difficult and time consuming.

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In The Soul Lounge™️ your membership includes:

Unlimited access to all resources in the Content Library which will continue to grow and be added to each month.
Monthly Live group sessions with Alexia including workshops, live Q&A, mini-readings, member guided trainings. Recorded and added to the Content Library for you to watch again whenever you want.
Monthly Guest Expert workshops.
Unlimited access to the Meditation Library - all of Alexia’s own meditations recorded for you to use wherever & whenever which will grow and be added to each month.
A Members Only Private community space and communication channel where you can ask all your questions, and seek advice, help and support.
An amazing online web portal clearly laid out, easy to follow and easy to access all the resources you need.
Discounted priority access to Masterclasses & Group programmes

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I hope you are super excited and eager to hit that button but there’s something you should know first….

The Soul Lounge™️ membership isn’t open to everyone. It is a safe space full of integrity which is why we have an application process. All of our members  are vetted to make sure we only accept people who share the same values and who will benefit massively from being a part of this community.

And those values stem from the creator of The Soul Lounge™️ - Alexia Rock.

Hi I’m Alexia and I’m a professional intuitive and successful spiritual mindset and wellbeing coach and mentor, mum to 3 kids, 3 cats, 1 dog and a hamster!

It’s my mission to push spiritual well-being up the agenda and help everyone understand and be able to access the benefits of spiritual tools and techniques to improve every aspect of your life.

Contrary to popular opinion, I believe that every single one of us has natural spiritual abilities and that we are all capable of connecting with those powers and I have gone on to coach many exactly how to do this.

Having worked as a lawyer in the Corporate world for over 20 years, I stand out in the spiritual community as being different due to my down-to-earth, practical, jargon-free way of coaching and I am dedicated to making spiritual well-being a priority so that everyone has the opportunity to start living a spiritual lifestyle and create a life they love, full of abundance, on their own terms.

My guidance has helped hundreds of my clients to recognise their own inner  strength and ability to heal their past, thrive in the present and create an incredible future.

I was aware of my psychic abilities from a very young age but had no-one to help me understand them and develop them.

If only I had been encouraged to explore and deepen my spiritual connection sooner… would have been so much easier.

And Spirituality has until now been taught in a vacuum…..without relating it to our everyday lives.

I discovered that I could use my intuitive power and psychic abilities to mould and enhance my life, to create my own “luck”, to attract abundance and happiness.

And that’s why I have created The Soul Lounge™️.

To be THE place where you can:
  • explore and deepen your spiritual connection, at your own pace, fully supported every step of the way
  • not only learn the tools and techniques but also how to implement these easily into your daily lives in a life changing way
  • learn, grow, and develop in a safe space where everyone has the same values and everyone is supportive of each other’s journey
  • discover how to do things your way, and what feels right to you because we are all unique and perfect in our own way.

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Life can be an amazing journey when you know how to tap into the power of your own soul.

Being a part of our community is the best choice you can make if you:

  • Understand the importance of spiritual well-being but haven’t found a place where you can find all the resources you need.
  • Want to be part of a safe space where you can ask for advice & guidance without feeling judged or pressured.
  • Have already started your spiritual journey but you crave the best environment to help you grow and develop.
  • Have just started to explore spirituality and you understand the importance of taking the right steps from the start
  • Want to be able to get help on every aspect of your spirituality and make sure you are making the most of the incredible benefits that come from living a spiritual lifestyle.

You don’t have to be a part of The Soul Lounge™️….there are plenty of other communities out there. We’ve seen it all….people promising new trainings but delivering old content. People saying they’re practical and accessible then using so much spiritual jargon that you need to Google every other word. And others who are so far removed from reality that it’s impossible to implement their techniques into everyday life.

The best part of The Soul Lounge™️?

It doesn’t matter what stage of your spiritual journey you are at. From beginners to advanced spiritual practitioners. All are welcome in The Soul Lounge™️

Become a member today.

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You shouldn’t…….

Trust your Intuition. There’s nothing more powerful than that.

As for me, I’m a professional psychic, medium, healer and energy worker.
I’m qualified in 4 different healing modalities. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Rahanni Celestial Healing practitioner and Crystal Therapy practitioner.
I am also an Advanced Angel Guide, qualified in Advanced Angel Card mastery and am a graduate of Kyle Grays Angel Team having studied 4 years of Angelology and Angelic connection with the best of the best!

I was one of the first in the western world to study Advanced energy techniques with the amazing Karen Kingston over 25 years ago and have been using and implementing these all of my adult life.

I’ve helped 1000s of clients get clear on their life’s purpose & direction, overcome phobias, deal with their trauma and grief, understand what’s holding them back, deal with their anxiety, manage stress and overwhelm, move into forgiveness, heal physically and emotionally, connect with their spiritual self and manifest the life they could at one time only dream of.

But what makes The Soul Lounge™️ different?

Other communities exist – many of them. Paid and free ones. However…..none of them will help you understand how every action you take can influence your happiness with the power of spirituality.

Spiritual communities that are not focused on the practical application of spirituality into our everyday lives will only give you part of what you need.

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There are 5 main ways to learn in The Soul Lounge™️:

Monthly group calls

2 hour scheduled zoom calls with Alexia.

Monthly Q&A group calls

with Alexia.

Two private communication platforms

a private community Facebook group and private Discord channels, both providing a safe space for support, questions, advice, sharing and community building.

Content Library

a clearly structured collection of trainings & resources created by Alexia and experts on a multitude of spiritual topics which will be added to each month. Content is clearly separated into 3 main categories depending on where you are in your spiritual development, from Foundational skills through to Advanced concepts.

Meditation Library

instant access to Alexia’s recorded meditations.

And if that isn’t amazing enough, do you want some bonuses?

If you grab an Annual Membership you’ll also get this


A one hour private 1-2-1 Intuitive Coaching session with Alexia
(worth $160)

And because this membership is all about keeping things clear and accessible, once you’re accepted as a member you’ll get simple and clear instructions on where to start, what to do and how to take advantage of all the resources, without the overwhelm.

Apply now to access all the membership benefits

The doors are open just for you!

Monthly Member

$ 59

Per Month(minimum commitment six months)
  • Unlimited access to all resources in the Content Library
  • Meditation Library
  • Twice monthly live group sessions with Alexia
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • A Members Only Private community space and communication channel where Alexia will give advice, help and support
  • + Exclusive Discounts and Early Bird Access to my Masterclasses, 1-2-1 Programs & Group Programs

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Annual MemberMost Popular

$ 649

Per Year(12 months renewable)
  • DISCOUNT: 12 months membership for the price of 11!
  • Unlimited access to all resources in the Content Library
  • Meditation Library
  • Twice monthly live group sessions with Alexia
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • A Members Only Private community space and communication channel where Alexia will give advice, help and support
  • BONUS: A one hour private 1-2-1 Intuitive Coaching Session with Alexia
  • + Exclusive Discounts and Early Bird Access to my Masterclasses, 1-2-1 Programs & Group Programs

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VIP Membership Plan(Only 5 places available)Exclusive

$ 299

Per Month(minimum commitment 3 months)
  • All the standard Membership benefits
  • + Each month, a one hour 1-2-1 VIP session with Alexia of your choice from:
  • One hour Intuitive Coaching session
  • One Hour Insight & Guidance session
  • One Hour Intuitive Healing session
  • One hour Angelic Guidance & Healing session
  • + Exclusive Discounts and Early Bird Access to my Masterclasses, 1-2-1 Programs & Group Programs

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Got questions that aren’t answered yet?

Check out the answers below:

Is The Soul Lounge™️ for me? Why should I join?

The only person who can know that for sure is You.
But ultimately, the only two reasons The Soul Lounge™️ could not be for you is if the membership fee is too much of a financial burden or if you prefer to continue your spiritual journey alone, without any help. The Soul Lounge™️ will be valuable for you regardless of where you are in your spiritual development and how much you know, or don’t know, already.

How much does it cost?

Click [here] for all the amazing membership pricing options available, which are FIXED for LIFE. That’s what you will pay for as long as you remain a member, no price increases!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Of course, there is! If during the first 14 days after you’ve been accepted, you decide there’s nothing valuable about your Soul Lounge™️ membership, you can cancel it (with written notice in the form of an email sent to and get your membership fee refunded.

How much personal attention will I get from Alexia if I’m accepted?

Alexia will be hanging out in the Discord communication channel daily and answering every single question asked in the Spirituality channel.

She will also be active in the private Facebook Group for advice & guidance.
Alexia will also be available to speak to directly on the Monthly Live Q&A sessions where she will spend up to 15 minutes with each person to ask for help, guidance and support and will also be available to answer questions during the Monthly Live zoom workshops.

If you are an Annual Member, you will get a one off private 1-2-1 intuitive coaching session with Alexia at the start of your membership.
If you are a VIP member you will get a private 1-2-1 session with Alexia every month, this can be a choice of Intuitive Coaching, an Intuitive Reading or Intuitive Healing.

However, if you are expecting Alexia to respond to personal emails or direct messages, that is not included. But know this, you will however never be left with an unanswered plea for help or unsupported.

Can I work with Alexia on a 1-2-1 basis to support me with a particular issue?

Yes! You can do this outside of your Soul Lounge™️ membership. Alexia offers 1-2-1 Intuitive Coaching sessions covering all aspects of your spiritual needs, private Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Healing in several different modalities. For more information on how to work with Alexia on a 1-2-1 basis click [here].”

Now hit that button and Apply Now!

I’ll see you inside The Soul Lounge™️!

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