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I am a professional intuitive and spiritual mindset and wellbeing coach and I am passionate about helping people overcome challenges, tear down blocks to progress in all aspects of their life and learn to love life and live life fully.

Love, compassion, hope and kindness are the pillars of my values.

Having worked as a lawyer in the Corporate world for over 20 years, I am quite different in the spiritual community because of my down-to-earth, practical, jargon-free way of coaching.

The three main ways you can

Private 1-2-1 Intuitive Coaching

During these sessions I will work with you intuitively, psychically, with spirit, the spiritual realm and other techniques to help you with whatever you need right now. This might be:

  • Overcoming a difficulty, issue or challenge you are facing in your life right now
  • Understanding what to do and how to achieve a particular goal or aspiration in your life
  • Spiritual development – developing your intuitive & psychic abilities, connection with spirit, Angels, Guides and Divine beings, and mastering spiritual tools and techniques.

I can see right to the heart of a matter and give insight & guidance but more importantly, give you tools and techniques to succeed.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes each and will take place regularly, depending on your need and affordability. Many clients have a session once a month, some once a fortnight, others more frequently. But it is flexible to your need.

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A Private Intuitive Reading

A spiritual reading using psychic connection, Angel & Oracle cards, angelic guidance, divine channeling and spirit connection to receive messages and guidance to help you understand and provide insight into your current life situation and provide guidance moving forward.

These sessions can be tailored to focus more on spirit connection if you wish to connect with loved ones in heaven or on Angelic Guidance should you wish to connect with your personal Angelic Guides and those special Angels that are helping you at this time.

Each session is 60 minutes.

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Become a Member of The Soul Lounge®

my vibrant community of support for your Spiritual Well-being & Development.

This is my paid community of wonderful souls which includes monthly Group Intuitive coaching sessions with me, Topic based live trainings, fabulous Guest Expert trainings on new topics, and a growing online Content Library of my own resources that I have created and keep adding to, including my own recorded meditations.

It’s such a lovely group of women, who are all so supportive of each other. The membership is application based only as I want to maintain the integrity of the people joining. There are so many out there, especially in the spiritual community, whose focus is on ego and self gain. We are all about love, compassion, kindness and self discovery.

For more information about this wonderful community click the button below.

The Soul Lounge®

Other Ways to Work with Me

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Reiki Healing session

Distance Reiki Healing session

Rahanni Celestial Healing session

Crystal Therapy session

Reiki Drum Therapy session

Akashic Records consultation